I am a software developer. I live in Ukraine.

I have been encouraged by the Unix philosophy. And since 2006, I have used Linux as my primary operating system. During these years, I used many modern solutions to solve my needs, like Docker, AWS, Python, etc. However, my official career path in the information technology industry started in 2018 when I decided to dedicate all my time and efforts to software development.

I graduated as a construction engineer, which helped me solve many engineering problems in software development. Nevertheless, I understand the lack of fundamental industry knowledge, so I am studying different topics related to my goal of being a great software engineer. As a result of regular studying, I have an expansive knowledge of various parts of software development.

During my career, I worked in back and front-end positions. I set up and maintained CI/CD pipelines. In addition, I got involved in testing processes. Currently, I am concentrating on JVM as a primary technology stack. However, I am ready to work with different languages and technologies as I did it before. I have experience with:

I prefer to work remotely in a solid and competitive team with people who are passionate about their work.